Mobile phone, computer and games repair company iRepair Bermuda has changed its name to CPR Cell Phone Repair Bermuda, and it is more than just a rebranding.

By affiliating to the CPR Cell Phone Repair network, it joins more than 750 stores around the world that are part of the network, which is says will bring “new and improved services to customers”.

In addition, the Washington Lane business has secured the rights to expand the CPR Network in to the Caribbean, which is sees as an opportunity to open additional stores or convert existing small businesses to the CPR brand.

Alex Jones, store manager, described CPR Cell Phone Repair as one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing mobile repair franchises.

“CPR franchise locations specialise in a wide variety of electronics repairs ranging from cracked screens and water damage to battery replacement and more,” he said.

“Bermuda has a large demand for quality device repairs, so we are happy to improve our services with the CPR Network.

“We are incredibly grateful for all of our customers who have enabled us to grow into this great location in the heart of Hamilton and build one of the best technical teams at any store in North America.”

He said the business’s apprentice programme is succeeding in providing an entry into IT careers for Bermudians.

Mr Jones said: “We believe that the CPR Network will offer buying power, training, and marketing efficiencies, bringing higher quality services to both Bermudian and Caribbean customers.

“The CPR partnership and our participation in the upcoming Ignite programme will allow us to build a business across the Caribbean from our Bermuda headquarters.”

Mr Jones’s company has come a long way in the last four years. It started as a small kiosk in Washington Mall, when the business was known as, before acquiring the iRepair business — and name — and moving in to the shop premises on Court Street. Two years ago it relocated to Washington Lane.

The company does various repairs, including cracked screens, water damage, battery and charging port replacements.

Mr Jones said that joining with Florida-based CPR would not change the business being 100 per cent Bermudian owned, and said there will be more training opportunities for staff and managers.

As for the impact on customers, he said: “By joining the CPR network, we are able to provide our customers with higher-quality replacement parts, an easy-to-use website, and budget-friendly repair services.

“Additionally, we have completed CPR’s corporate ISO certified training programme in order to improve our workmanship and expand our repair capabilities.”

CPR Bermuda will honour existing warranties.

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