It hasn’t taken long for a one-man business selling smartphone accessories at a shopping mall kiosk to expand and quickly move into a retail unit before relocating again, a month ago, into an even larger shop space.

That’s the journey Kenneth Pemberton has taken during the past two years as his business Gear & Gadget Bermuda (G&G), has rapidly established itself.

The business not only sells various accessories and gadgets associated with smartphones, tablets and laptops, it provides a repairs and support service.

Its success is a testament to Mr Pemberton’s drive and vision to fill what he perceived as a gap in the local market.

“There was a void that other businesses were not fulfilling at the time,” he said. Mr Pemberton has been involved in the telecommunications field for many years, and for a time was an Apple specialist.

When he was made redundant a number of years ago, he kept working by making home visits or having customers bring their broken computers or mobile devices to be repaired or serviced.

His social media presence on Facebook and Instagram helped secure customers, and it was through an online message that he was made aware of the opportunity to operate a kiosk at Washington Mall. The kiosks are aimed at entrepreneurs looking to take a tentative and low-cost entry into the retail world.

He set up with a kiosk to sell covers and accessories for smartphones and tablets, including Apple, Samsung and BlackBerry devices, while continuing to provide support and service to customers, particularly those using products installed with Apple operating software.

However, the kiosk did not last long. Three months later he was confident there was sufficient demand to take the next step and relocate into a retail unit in the mall.

During all this time Mr Pemberton continued to refresh and enhance his own skills in servicing and repairing electronic devices, to ensure he had a high level of proficiency with the workings of many leading makes of mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

Full article can be found at The Royal Gazette.