Despite Bermuda’s continued struggling economy, three new stores have opened in the Washington Mall.

Atlantic Jewellery, which moved from its previous location in Pembroke and accessories shop Guilty Pleasures have both opened their doors within the last few weeks. For Now by Sail On has taken over the space once occupied by All Wrapped Up and will be opening next week selling “fun, miscellaneous items”.

Atlantic Jewellery Studio opened in 2002 but was located tucked away on Euclid Avenue with little foot traffic. Local goldsmith and owner Jacquie Lohan moved to the new Hamilton location, downstairs in the new portion of the Washington Mall two weeks ago.

“My customers always said to me that the jewellery should have more exposure but it was always a question of finance but finally I decided to give it a go,” said Ms Lohan, who designs all of her own jewellery.

Ms Lohan always had a steady stream of customers but in recent times many of those that knew about her Pembroke shop had left the Island.

“A lot of my regular customers moved away — my customer contact list dropped by 20 to 25 percent,” she said.

That’s when she decided that being in the centre of the shopping action might be a good idea.

The new store is chock-a-block full of her hand-designed, handcrafted jewellery — featuring precious to semi-precious metals and a full range of gemstones. The store also offers a new charm line by Lori Bonn, with more than 200 handcrafted charms available.

“I love my new location,” said Ms Lohan of her new shop, which is located next to the Beluga Bar and The Booth. “I have fantastic neighbours and am on a corner so we have lots of traffic. My regulars come in to say hi and then we have new people who never knew about us that come in for the first time.”

Ms Lohan’s functioning workshop is also located on the premises where she creates pieces for purchase in a wide price range — from $30 up to items in the $2,000 range.

“We have unique, trendy jewellery,” she said. “So far the feedback has been wonderful.”

Full article can be found at The Royal Gazette.