One of Hamilton’s most popular restaurants is even cooler now thanks to super-fast service from one of the Island’s leading air conditioning and mechanical services companies.

In the space of three days, Air Care completely replaced the air conditioning system at La Trattoria restaurant – helping the owners save money through increased efficiencies, as well as keeping diners cool.

Nicola Russo, general manager at La Trattoria, said: “We spoke to our landlords, Washington Properties, and they told us how efficient Air Care’s VRV air conditioning system was in terms of energy savings.

“We brought them in and the work replacing the old AC system was done within three days. They worked around the clock.”

The work at La Trattoria involved installing air diffusers so that the temperature through the restaurant is kept even, which used to be a problem at the entrance to the restaurant, where it was much warmer than the rest of the space.

Mr Russo added: “I want to thank the Air Care team of Aberlardo Paredes, Qhubekanie Fuyane, Blessing Marisa and Jason DeMello, but in particular I want to thank Trimane Smith, who was the team leader and who was really good. I was very happy with him.”

James Leman, Manager, Business Development & Customer Care at Air Care, said: “More and more organizations are looking to implement energy and cost saving initiatives.

“In this particular case, La Trattoria has invested in a new system that not only provides optimum and consistent cooling throughout their establishment, but also will experience tangible cost savings in their energy bill which we would expect to be between 15 and 30 percent.

“Personally I’ve been coming to ‘the Tratt’ since I was a child and I know Nicola well. It is good to know that we were able to make such a popular restaurant even better.”

Air Care’s VRV Daikin commercial air-conditioning system uses variable refrigerant flow technology, enabling clients to maintain individual zone control in each room and floor of a building.

These high efficiency systems allow building/facility managers to set a temperature range within which tenants can set their own levels.  Benefits include: built-in redundancy, minimal disruption with installation and significant energy cost savings.


Air Care is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ascendant Group Limited, which is a publicly traded investment holding company whose shares trade on the Bermuda Stock Exchange (ticker: AGL.BH).  Employing 65 people, Air Care specializes in the management and maintenance of facilities’ mechanical systems.  Its range of professional services include: air conditioning, air quality monitoring, energy management, commercial plumbing, energy efficient lighting, fire protection, commercial refrigeration, sheet metal and ventilation.  For more information, visit

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